Max Layers6(Flexible PCB)
14 (Rigid PCB)
Max Board Size750mm x 600mm(30'' x 24'')
Board Thickness0.05~0.2mm(FPCB)
Min Board Thickness for Rigid Multi-layer Board4 layers:    0.38mm(15mils)
6 layers:    0.55mm(22mils)
8 layers:    0.80mm(32mils)
10 layers:  1.00mm(40mils)
Max Copper Thickness6OZ(External) / 3OZ(Inner)
Min Line Width/Space0.075mm(3mils)
Min Hole Diameter0.1mm(4mils)
Hole Position Deviation ±0.05mm(2mils)
PTH hole dia tolearance ±0.076mm(2mils)
NPTH hole dia tolearance ±0.05mm(2mils)
Impedance Control Tolerance ±5%(≤50Ω)
Board Thickness Tolerance ±10%(>1.0mm)
Max Au Thickness of Immersion Gold 5u''
Max Au Thickness of Gold Finger 80u''
Min Bridge Width of Solder Mask Layer 5mils
Bent and Twist ≤1.0%
Aspect Ratio 10:1
Insulation Resistance >1000 billionΩ Normal
Peel-off Strength 1.4N/mm
Solder Mask Abrasion >6H
Thermal Stress 288 ℃ 30Seconds
E-Test Voltage 50~380V
V-cut 30°/45°/60°